Thursday, 21 August 2008

some new dishcloths...

Here are a few of the cloths that I've been knitting over the past week.  I've been a little busy with them, that's for sure...

 the square cloth (using short rows)

Granny's Favourite Dishcloth 
(I've made a couple of these this week - they're great gifts for people 
who haven't yet experienced the joy of using handmade cotton cloths!)

A brand new creation...
It's amazing what you can do with a little knit stitch and a little seed stitch!

this cloth was a little difficult to capture, 
especially since my kitten wanted her picture taken instead...
here it is... this is what I call a mistake cloth,
it's meant to be feather and fan, but my pattern book had it written wrong.  
Still I like what it looks like, so it's a happy mistake!

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