Monday, 4 August 2008

Retreat, glorious retreat!

I am extremely lucky to have some very kind and generous friends at the moment. Two of them really blessed me on the past weekend with very thoughtful gifts. As you know I spent the weekend on a retreat, which was really fantastic. I really believe that I NEED these weekends so I can cope with my "real life". It's the only time I can get away from being a wife, mother, etc. and truly be myself and have fun! I can behave like a teenager, giggle into the wee hours and basically be as silly as I like without any repercussions. It's so fun...

Anyway, I'd publicly like to thank Jodz, who spent the weekend with me. She has always been a fantastic listening ear, and is loads of fun to boot! I so loved our shopping adventures and talking with her into the night. Everytime we go on retreat together, we make each other a little gift - I tell you, it's like Christmas! This time she made me a little wrist pincushion with some very neat looking pins and $20 to spend on our op shopping adventures! Thanks so much for that Jodee!! I made her a knitting needle roll - similar to the one I made here, and gave her a knitted starfish cloth. I forgot to take a photo, so I may have to ask for one from Jodz later...

Jodz gift (wrist pincushion, pins, card and $20)

Also, a very good friend Lianne, gave me a sweet surprise when she appeared from her car, at school on Friday afternoon, with a really thoughtful retreat bag. Inside was a goss mag, some lippie, some skin cream and other beauty stuff and last but not least a bar of chocolate (mmmmm!). It was so unexpected it made me giddy with excitement for the weekend and I'll still be talking about it into next year... Thank you so much Lianne, I feel truly blessed to be considered your friend! Also... it's about time you got a blog (hint, hint...) Lianne is one of the most talented crafters I know. She makes the most beautiful baby shoes, bibs and smocking.... I am hoping she will come with us on retreat in November - please come Lianne - because I know we will all have so much fun together!!!

Lianne's Pressie...

Retreat was amazing, as per usual. We stay at Vaughn Park Retreat Centre and it is a really lovely place to stay. It is close to some really great op shops and two really great markets (Silverdale on Saturday's and Browns Bay on Sunday's). And of course, I better not forget to tell you that it's by the beach at Long Bay (not that we went down to the beach at all on the weekend!). It is so nice to not have to worry about the kid's or what you're gonna have for dinner. You can just relax and do what you want to do. Jodz and I like to check out the local op shops and markets and discovered a really awesome little cafe - La Tropesienne in Browns Bay. It was an experience that I am hoping to repeat next time! The prices are reasonable and the surroundings are just so interesting. The owner has some really ecclectic collections on show and I could spend hours just looking around at them. It was a real EXPERIENCE going to the loo. I was going to put the photo's up here, but I've decided it's actually better to experience it for yourself. If you go, ask to use the toilet... ;)

Another favourite shop we go to in Silverdale is "Pandora's Box" - I just love looking through all her beautiful things. If I had more money I'd buy more, but even as a window shop it is wonderful.

Pandora's Box in Silverdale

Some of my op shop finds, not all as I didn't remember to photograph them all...

All in all it was a great weekend, I even finished making the little cloth I've promised the pattern for. That will be up later on today... Thanks for everyones best wishes!


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CurlyPops said...

That sounds like the most wonderful weekend away...and what gorgeous gifts you received from your thoughtful!

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