Monday, 4 August 2008

Baby Star

Materials: 1 ball worsted weight cotton yarn, size 4mm needles. I used Sugar'nCream Summer Prints for this cloth, which gave it a lovely effect - it's a variegated yarn.

Cast on 12 stitches.
This cloth is made up of 7 wedges, all exactly the same. Then the edge is sewn together, the threads are sewn in and the cloth is complete. :)

Every wedge:

Row 1 and all odd rows: K.
Row 2: K3, YO, K to last st, turn.
Row 4: K3, YO, K to last 2 sts, turn.
Row 6: K3, YO, K to last 3 sts, turn.
Row 8: K3, YO, K to last 4 sts, turn.
Row 10: K3, YO, K to last 5 sts, turn.
Row 12: K3, YO, K to last 6 sts, turn.
Row 14: K3, YO, K to last 7 sts, turn.
Row 16: K3, YO, K to last 8 sts, turn.
Row 18: K3, YO, K to last 9 sts, turn.
Row 20: Cast off 9 sts, K to end of row.

This cloth is very similar to the starfish cloth, but with smaller wedges. This makes the cloth smaller and perfect for a baby washcloth! :)

You can find a printable version of this pattern here: Free Dishcloth Patterns from


LDSVenus said...

Very cute wash cloth. I'll have to try one for my grandson :).

Aunt Kathy said...

I love the smaller version. Looking for some cotton as I type, LOL said...

Wow this is nice I will be knittng it soon! marion

Beth said...

Very beautiful as usual- these will be great to make for the little ones. Thanks so much for all of your patterns.

Pamela Foreman said...

It's totally cute!

sailorcross said...

I really like this. I know someone who is having a baby soon,and this would be perferct to add to her shower gift.



Jodz said...

Gorgeous cloth and I made myself one (with the cotton you gave me of course)

Alli's Little World of Knitting! said...

I love it Dione!! I'll defnitely have to knit this up, it'll be perfect for baby showers!

Thanks so much for sharing!

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