Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Reasons why I like Spotlight...

I popped over to my local Spotlight yesterday, and got some really GREAT bargains. Yarn was $1 a ball and I got a bag of fantastic fabric remnants ($10) and a bag of trims ($5). Woohoo!

Forgive the quality of the pictures - in my excitement to get them up on the blog, some are a little blurry!
8 balls of cotton yarn ($1 a ball)
Trim (look at the DORA stuff!) $5

All the rest of the pic's are of the fabric I got in the remnant bag ($10).

I can't wait to use it - thinking bibs, dolls, softies...

1 comment:

muralimanohar said...

Ack! I love that floral print in the fifth fabric pic, that after I used up what I had bought, I had to go back and buy the rest of the bolt! I've already eked out 3 outfits from 2 meters..what can I do with 4+? :p

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