Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The easiest skirt EVER!

So I was looking at the latest CRAFT magazine and they have a how to on making your own skirt from a tablecloth, and I thought I could make it even easier than theirs by not having to do side seams or having to insert a zip. I'm all for making things easier on myself!

I bought a tablecloth from Spotlight for the express purpose of refashioning it into a skirt. I have had my eye on these cloths for a couple of months, but being the cheapskate I am, didn't want to pay the "exorbitant" price of $10 for it ;). So, when it was marked down to $5 this weekend I could hardly contain myself! Originally it was $45, so I think I got a real bargain here!! And it wouldn't matter so much if my circle skirt plans went awol at $5 outlay!

So here's what I did, I folded the skirt into half and then half again and I got my handy sewing scissors and chopped the centre out. I didn't even do any math - which could have been disastrous, but thankfully wasn't! I then zig-zagged the middle edge and folded that edge over twice to make a casing for the elastic. Threaded my bodkin with elastic and then pushed the elastic through the casing. Sewed the elastic at the right place and put on my new skirt! EASY PEASY!!!! No hemming to be done, no zip and no side seams!

This skirt is oh so twirly, that I couldn't resist twirling around and around till my head was so dizzy I thought I'd fall over!!!! It's fun not growing up ;)

Next time I'll wear it with my favourite brown T, I was just so excited about getting pics that I didn't think of how the black would look with it!


CurlyPops said...

That's so cool. It's a very pretty print too!

Jodz said...

I love it. So simple and so cool. I will be looking at table cloths in a whole new light now.

Jelly Wares said...

What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks for sharing...


daydreamstudios said...

It turned out really well. Of course anything involving a needle and thread is NOT easy to

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