Monday, 3 March 2008

Honey, I'm home!

Well, I'm back now!

It wasn't long enough - it never is.

I want to go back - I always do.

View from our door!
The beach is lovely and we manged to fit in a couple of walks down the beach!

I had a lot of fun. I didn't take many photo's (I only took the two that are in this post!) or do much of the very much needed knitting. I did however get to spend some time at the Silverdale Markets and discovered a really awesome gem of an op shop on Saturday. Sunday was spent in my pajama's right through till after lunch (so nice to just veg out!).

Did I say that I want to go back already?!

Everytime, I go on retreat Jodee and I give each other gifts and drink a little wine and basically realise how very hard our real lives actually are. Nothing like being pandered to, to make you realise how much you do for others!

I made Jodee some piggie related things - no I don't think she is a pig! It's just that she has a wee (well not wee - HUGE) collection of pig stuff! So I made her a pig cloth and a pig pincushion. These are just some of the many things I've been unable to blog about - knowing that she, and others whose birthdays are coming up, read this blog (Hi Jodz!).I also made her a cool bag for her knitting, a rice bag and a glass cosy. I gave her one of my favourite cards and some lindt chocolates too!

I love retreat, but boy is it hard coming back home to reality! So today instead of rushing around doing housework I am trying to take it a little easy and spend time knitting the commissioned zombies and I might even watch a little tv.

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