Friday, 30 January 2009

Favourite things Friday...

I just love what Mr Sew-Funky did to the girls bedroom dresser drawers. They haven't had handles on them for a while, and so in a moment of genius, rope was cut and threaded into the holes in the drawers!

Tah Dah! We now have drawers that the girls can open and shut themselves. :)

I grew up using these drawers when I was a kid, they've had a fantastic life!

I'm not sure if Mr Sew-Funky is my favourite thing or if the drawers are... Hmmmm! Let me think about that!?!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

yet another crayon wrap...

For sweet Lilli, who just turned three!

An easier wrap, cos I didn't have to "make" the crayons...

I'm just loving how easy these are to make, and how much enjoyment they give the recipient and their parents. It's such a great thing to be able to throw something like this in your handbag with a notebook, to keep the kid's occupied in waiting rooms and at church etc. :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

mysterious goings on...

Well, maybe not so mysterious, and yet...

I finally received my Christmas present from Mr Sew-Funky and it's a goodie, even if it is over a month late! :D

try to ignore the fact that you can see up my nose!

I am loving this book, and can't wait to try out some of the recipes! It's collated by colour, which I find very intriguing. If you haven't seen it before, get it out from your local library that's what I did, and I so liked it that I asked for it for Christmas!.

In other mysterious going on's, we discovered that the female kitten we brought home is not very female and in fact is a male! So we've had to go through a name changing ceremony. Sophia is just too girly a name. This time I opted for a "sex-less" name and he now goes by the name of Pickle! :)

Oh well, we probably do need a little more testosterone in our house, especially since it's so estrogen filled. We have 4 female human's, 2 female cats, 1 female dog and 3 female chickens compared with 1 male human and 2 male cats! Yep, we can be glad he's a boy! :D

Not much crafting going on here, just spending lots of time with the girls before they're all back at school next week!

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Last Friday, I posted about how much I love the fresh eggs my chooks lay for us. Then, we had a 3 day drought of no eggs at all, murphy's law I guess. Paisley Jade commented on that post that her chicken's weren't laying either, and I began to wonder if there was something going on that I didn't know about...

Then today they began laying again and we had 2 very beautiful brown eggs! YUM! Aimee had them for her lunch... Nothing quite like eating eggs laid that very same day!

BTW, Kristy, I have no idea what type of chickens we have - they're just ordinary brown feathered chooks that we got when the girls had calf club day at their school. :)

UPDATE; After Little Miss Flossy's comment I now believe that my chickens are Rhode Island Red's :)

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Monday, 26 January 2009

And the peace was shattered...

It's almost back to normal in our crazy household, and hard to remember that we had 2 weeks without kids now! Back to chaotic happiness I guess...

Today was a holiday because it was Auckland Anniversary Day. Usually we spend the weekend hot, tired and with ringing ears but this time we opted for picking the girls up and spending the rest of the weekend at home. Must be getting old! Hehehe!

We got very productive in the garden and hopefully in a month or so we'll be eating fresh vege's straight out of the earth! It's all rather exciting, and great seeing Mr. Sew-Funky doing manly things outside. If you knew/know him, you'll understand what I mean! ;)

in the beginning...

I only hope our vegetables don't die because I am probably the only one in my family without green fingers or thumbs... Where is my sister Erica when I need her??

Friday, 23 January 2009

Favourite things Friday...

Almost forgot to post about this...
and so with 2 more hours left of Friday, I'll get this in as quick as I can!

One of my most favourite things at the moment is fresh eggs from my three gorgeous chooks!

No, they don't lay that many eggs, only one each a day! But I will say one thing, their eggs are delicious and worth the time spent caring for the chooks...

NOTE; It seems that the word chook is a kiwi one - it just means chicken... ;)

Filmguide | Bridewars

Check out my new review over on filmguide...

I went to see Bride Wars, the new Kate Hudson/Anne Hathaway film tonight! :)

Loved Kate Hudson, she reminds me so much of my friend Juanita! Not that, that was enough to make me love the film... ;)


My peace is about to be shattered tomorrow, when the girls finally come home from their holidays at the beach. I am looking forward to it, two weeks of quiet is long enough!

It's been great to feel childless for a bit, we've caught up with a few old friends, watched lots of movies at the cinema! ;), and it's been nice to only have to think for myself for a bit.

So today is about preparing myself, and the house, for the children's imminent return. I did very little housework while they were away, preferring to hold close the mantra of "life's too short to clean". I now realise I need to get a little organised, vacuum the house and put stuff away!

I'll probably be a little quiet on the blog for a few days. Today, I'll clean, tomorrow, I'll be travelling all day 4 1/2 hours drive each way :( and Sunday and Monday will be spent loving the girls!

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

One World - One Heart Giveaway

Included in the giveaway, as of Wednesday, 21st January;

gorgeous day back pack (made with Lotta Jansdotter's "Simple Sewing" pattern... see examples I've made before here, and here, and here). You can see the above picture for the gorgeous fabric I made it with... :)

six sew-funky cards with envelopes

some handmade sew-funky dishcloths (photo to be added later!) :) I have designed an extra special cloth with love in mind for the OWOH giveaway...

I hope to add extra special surprises to the giveaway as we go along! Keep checking back for new additions!!!

One World One Heart is a blog-wide giveaway event. The original idea behind this was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way.

Basically, anyone can enter, as long as you give me some way of contacting you if you win! The giveaway will be drawn on February 12th in time for that extra special LOVE day - Valentines Day! :D

Leave a comment below to enter, and if you like my blog subscribe to my (mostly) daily emails below :)

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Monday, 19 January 2009

new skirt 4 Jodz...

What do you think? This cute little skirt was made from a neat old retro tablecloth and some fabric given to me by my good friend Lianne! Lianne was going through her stash and doing the big chuck and I held my arms open and said "give me, give me"... :) Hehehehe! Like I really need more fabric!?!

After the day Jodz had last week, I knew she needed a little cheering up and a cute skirt never goes amiss! :D It fits her perfectly and looks smashing!!

Talking about having way too much fabric, I've been inspired by Lianne to go through all mine whilst the kids are away. Every day this week I will be washing a huge drawer full and sorting it into will-use, won't-use-yet, and will-never-ever-in-a-million-years-use piles. It's something that HAS to be done because my craft room is looking like a fabric bomb exploded in there and it's near impossible to sew in. You know you have to do something when that happens!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

little gifts of kindness...

In light of the word I chose to represent this year... BE
I've decided to be a little kinder to other people and when i saw this wee calendar for 75% off I couldn't resist buying it! We all need a little reminder every now and then to be a little kinder and more compassionate to ourselves and others. In fact I'm a strong believer that what you give out comes back to you. If you want to experience kindness from others, begin giving it... :)

I just love the first couple of pages I read...

Thursday, January 15th
On Thursday, the day I bought this calendar, I spent the day with Lianne, shopping and we did manage to fit a little "cake" in there too! :)

Friday, January 16th
This one really spoke to me about, of all things, marriage. Marriage can't work without acceptance and acceptance is choosing to love others even when they "piss you off" or aren't what you expected. It's choosing to say "yes, but I love you anyway". :) Mr Sew-Funky I do love you anyway! Inspite or despite your foibles...

Friday, 16 January 2009

Favourite things Friday...

I'm really getting into the swing of writing about my favourite things, but I wonder what will happen when I come to the end... Is there an end to my favourite things?

Today's favourite thing is brought to you by the letter H...

Christmas Hamper... :)

I just love the basket and the food and the Lindauer (not in photo, in fridge getting ready to be drunk!) The basket is huge! I think I'll use it to collect vegetables from the garden Mr Sew-Funky is about to plant out the front... :)

Thursday, 15 January 2009

new skirts...

Yesterday, I made three new skirts in between catching up with my good friend Lianne and watching Revolutionary Road. :)

I used the fantastic pattern that comes with the book 49 Sensational Skirts, that nz floss posted me last year! :)

Skirt #1Skirt #2

skirt #3
Added at 9pm, Thursday night...

I like all of them... Skirt #1 was made from an old curtain I picked up from Bo Jumbles, the lining from some fabric I got from my good friend Becca. Skirt #2 was made from a lovely old linen tablecloth I picked up in Christchurch last year (I just couldn't leave it in the shop!) and some really good quality sheeting for the lining. Skirt #3 is made from striped denim and quilting cotton all purchased from Bo Jumbles. So all of them were bargains! :)

What I love about these skirts is that they can be worn many different ways. The opening can be at the back or the front or even to the side! :) Today I wore Skirt #3 and apart from a near undressing at Spotlight when I knelt down to look at fabric - it is fantastic, easy to wear skirt! I even got comments about it!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

It's on yer back...

Another pressie for a special girl who's turning 6 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Jaymee girl!!!

And look at the neat wee kitten I was given today!


Monday, 12 January 2009

It's a wrap...

Hehehe!, well actually it's a crayon wrap! :)

Avert your eyes, Rebekah and Jodz, or you'll ruin the surprise!

Today is the first day that we are kidless! Well, they left yesterday, and today's the first full day away from them. Can you tell I'm missing them already? Well, kinda, at least it's given me some wonderful time to get creative!

I wrote my first review on Filmguide late last night after watching Australia - go check it out and tell me what you all think! The first part of the review was written by Mr Sew-Funky and the second part, by me! A kind of "he say's, she say's" review!

Back to the original reason for this post - the crayon wrap!

I don't know if you've ever been stuck with lot's of broken crayons before, but with three budding artists in the family, I am. So what to do with the useless little bits... Well, you can make new ones, rainbow ones if you like... And so before I even made the crayon wrap prototype I wanted to make some wee crayons by recycling the old. :)

Here's how;

You need something to melt them in, I chose an old gem iron, but you can make them in muffin pans too!

You need some old worn out crayons, my girls have plenty! :) Don't worry if they look awful, they won't look bad for long!

Put baking paper in the gem iron (so they won't stay in there after melting!). Break up the crayons and put them in. I chose similar colours, but you can mix the crayons up for a rainbow effect!

Put them in the oven at 180 degrees Celcius for about 15 minutes. Look at them melt, this is after around 5 minutes.

They're ready to take out when they look like this! Leave them to set in the gem iron. :)

This is what they looked like when I took them out of the iron, all ready to put into the new crayon wrap!

Tah Dah! All ready to use by little hands!

And here are the gorgeous little wraps that I made for Miss Jodz Stuff and for my cute little nephew Mo!

This is what they look like when they're open. They have a little flap that covers the crayons. :)

Seriously cute, don't you think?
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