Tuesday, 16 December 2008

handmade christmas pressies | teachers gifts...

This is the last week of school for 2008, and so as I have in previous years, I've made gifts for the teachers!

This year I made daypacks (bags) from the simple sewing book written by Lotta Jansdotter, just love her name by the way... I could say it all day! :) I am currently up to making bag number eleven or twelve. They are super easy and look super awesome!

All the pictured bags above were for teachers and aides involved in Aimee's class at school. I really felt that it was important to not only bless her teacher, because the aide's have to deal with a lot in her class!

I have now made these bags out of many different types of fabric (upholstery, cord, cotton, pillowcases). They've all turned out well! So if you want to make an awesome bag, my suggestion is to either buy Lotta's book or if you're like me and are strapped for cash, borrow one from your local library! :)

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