Friday, 20 March 2009

made | tea wallet

I've been wanting to make one of these ever since they began arriving on the blogging scene last year. And so here are my first two tea wallet proto-type's...

You may remember seeing the fabric for the cat tea wallet on my retreat montage, and yes it was made to match... :) I now have a neat little trio to have in my handbag...

Did you guess that I like cat's, and the colours, orange and green? ;)

I do really LOVE my diary cover... Now I can keep up with everything in my life (and my kid's lives too!)

The green stripy fabric was one of the many fat quarters I received in the sewmamasew fat quarter swap. Thanks Jacqui! All the other fabric was out of my growing stash... I swear my stash is like a living thing!

POSTSCRIPT for Kristy and anyone else who has been wondering;
Tea wallets are to hold teabags in your handbag. You know, if you’ve got a favourite cuppa and want to be able to take it with you to a friends house. Maybe they don’t drink tea or don’t drink the tea you like (eg. Earl Grey). You can buy specialty tea bags (like the kind you get at motels and restaurants) and put them in the pockets. Makes a great gift too!


PaisleyJade said...

What are tea wallets for? (excuse my ignorance!) - love them though and your amazing diary cover... I need to make one of those for me!

highwaycottage said...

Love those tea wallets. Very cool fabric you've used.

Jodz said...

Hello my friend. If you happen to make too many of these tea wallets, I will be happy to take one off your hands (hint hint ;) They are soooo delightful.

Beeshebags said...

Hi hun, I do craft markets here in Australia, and believe me, the tea wallets sell! I make mine slightly different to yours though...but the principal is the speciality tea bags, pop them in the wallet and chuck the wallet in your bag and voila, no more cruddy tea bags at the bottom of your bag. I put 4 various tea bags (usually whatever is on sale when I buy them!) when I sell them, but an empty one gives them the chance to start out with whichever flavour they want. Good luck with your craft markets...will be keeping an eye out on the feeds to see how you're going. Email me if you want any further ideas on things that seem to sell over here. Hugs Naomi

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