Monday, 16 March 2009

singleton buttons

I'm so excited about the button extravaganza happening over on craft stylish!

I love buttons, and lately I've been loving fabric covered buttons. They're so super easy to make and look FANTASTIC! And so, when I spied the article on making singleton buttons over on Craft Stylish this morning I almost exploded out of sheer excitement - oh boy, I can hardly type for the crafty tension!!! :)

I have made dorset buttons out of rings and cotton yarn before and it seems this is a similar procedure - but oh boy, the possibilities with the singleton buttons - I can hardly contain myself! :D

So, today I may just find myself making some of them - may, may, may, WILL!


Little Miss Flossy said...

These are really cool! What do you reckon you would use for the bone ring?

Jacqui said...

How fabulous! I'm really excited about these too, such a great alternative to traditional covered buttons. I can see they'd be great for putting on hair ties etc. too. And the brilliant thing about you being in NZ is that you can obviously get these rings here too :)

Jodz said...

How wonderful. Thank goodness it is late at night or I might have had to pop down to spotlight to see if I could find some rings.

SisterDG said...

Hi there - I'm so glad you liked my Singleton button tutorial! And I'm super-excited to see all the cute things you're making with them. I'm totally making myself some hair clips now!

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