Monday, 30 March 2009

Thank you...

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post.  I appreciate all of your comments and, whether you know it or not,  you've all helped me to make a little more sense out of the confusion. :)

In turn, I am feeling a lot stronger about what I will probably do, and that is good.  I don't think that any decision could or would be easy in this situation, but I am lucky that I do have a choice.  I am fully aware of that and am grateful that I have time to come to terms with any decision that I make regarding mastectomy's or hysterectomy's.

I will be moving back to posting about craft in the next day or so.  April's cloth has been designed and made.  More singleton buttons have been crafted and a fun weekend was had by all of us...

Check out the tent/fort/cave that we slept in on Saturday night!

Old sheets pegged to some rope covering nearly the entire lounge = loads of fun!

We also went to see Monsters vs. Aliens 3D yesterday...

So yeah, a good weekend!  Hope your's was good too!

2 comments: said...

Now that looks like tons of fun!!! Marion

cometkatt said...

awesome tent set up= looks almost as big as our civil war tent :)
great fun
take care rj

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