Wednesday, 4 March 2009

oh, the possibilities...

goodbye to the old...

hello to the new!

Yesterday, we picked up the new car, a little european opel vita. She's cute and a whole lot smaller than the old beast! Can you see me smiling at being able to say goodbye to the chariot?! Of course we can only just fit the family in the vita! But as we are trying to conserve petrol and the planet wallet, I don't think it will cause too many problems that we can't get over easily! Hehehe!!!

Look at the damage the wee costly nose to tail caused to our car... It's scary how quickly and easily damage can be done!

Space is at a premium in our new wee car, so look what I made as soon as I got home!

I'm gonna make another one for the other seat, too. I made a boxed bottom and a hidden pocket so that the kids can stash their stuff when we're in the car!

and because Honey is just so photogenic, I couldn't help but add another pic to the post...

Already, Aimee's used it to stash her current read, Roald Dahl's BFG! So looks like it's gonna be handy! :)

New dishcloth for the cloth of the month will be posted either today or tomorrow. It's been designed and is just waiting for me to type up the pattern and photograph the proto-type! The beginning of the month has gotten away on me, what with the excitement of birthdays and new cars...


Angela said...

Radical Red! I love the new wheels. And, it was not lost on me that you made seat accessories to coordinate with the color of the vehicle. Nice.

Marion said...

I love the new car!! Congrats on that! and the seat orginizer is fabo! I would love to see directions for that one! We are in need of those! I can't wait till you and the now 9 yr old get your gifts! Let me know. Loads of huggs Marion

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

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PaisleyJade said...

Love the new car and especially the neat bags for keeping in it... what a great idea!!

Little Miss Flossy said...

Red car... awesome! Love the hanging organiser thingie, what a cool idea.

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