Friday, 2 January 2009

Thanks Jodz!

My good friend, Jodz, never ceases to amaze me with her generosity and little kindnesses! Look at what she gave us all for Christmas!

cute little apron (handmade by Jodz) and a box of pancake mix
- I know what Hope is making us for breakie tomorrow!

Jodz knows just what to get for my girls... A Ben 10 pack for the Aimster!

A neat press-out model book for Bree - she wanted to make it straight away but unfortunately for her we got home after bedtime...
We've been friends ever since my autistic daughter and her aspie daughter found themselves in the same class five years ago.

Don't think she forgot us either... She gave us a movie night pack, including microwave popcorn, reduced cream and onion soup (for the quintessential kiwi dip), potato chips and coke!! If you know us personally, you'd know that movie reviews etc are Mr Sew-Funky's special interest, so it was a very apt gift!

But that is not all, oh no that is not all (sounding a little Dr.Seussish...). She popped in a little pressie just for me! A Bracelet (made from buttons, she knows me so well) and my favourite chocolates, Turkish Delights!!!

Thanks so much for these cool pressies, Jodz! You put my A Dark Knight DVD and non-descript chocolates to shame!

I especially like the apron she made for Hope, I spied it on her blog and had hoped wistfully that she'd made one for her! Thanks for all the thought that went into the gifts. I'll really have to pull my finger out and plan better for next years Christmas... It just seemed to jump at me out of nowhere!

2 comments: said...

wow devine presents! Special friends are always the best! She sounds like a keeper to me! Huggs Marion

Jodz said...

Glad you liked the gifts, especially the one for you. You really deserve something a little special.
PS. forget to tell you that the candy canes I gave are dairy and gluten free :)

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