Wednesday, 7 January 2009

hot in the city...

This is what today looks like weather wise:



Fine. Light winds, afternoon sea breezes.

Not a cloud in the sky and three totally bored kids at home... One of whom is sick :(.

So we can't go out, and the only thing to do is to let the other two run around under the sprinkler...

And I can't just make the chicken's stay cooped up in their chicken coop, now, can I?

3 comments: said...

how fun!!! What sweet children having fun!!! I can see Barbie right in there with them having fun! Marion

PaisleyJade said...

Don't sprinkers and tramps work well together! A common occurance at our place.

Cass said...

I think we topped 35 today so we were in and out of the pool all day

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