Friday, 9 January 2009

Favourite things Friday...

No photo today | sad I know!

But today's favourite is one of my most favourite places in Auckland, Mr Bo Jumbles second hand clothing shop in Wiri. I love it because I never ever come away dissapointed. I'm always able to find great "as new" labeled clothing, like Esprit, Country Road, Max etc. and because you only pay per kg it's cheap! :D

I popped by today and for $13 got a couple of Laura Ashley tablecloths, jeans for all three girls, about 10 nice t-shirts, some vintage teatowels, a Roxy wallet and more. :)

We then went and visited one of my most favourite people (Jodz) and I got to see her grandson for the first time, what a cutie, and got heaps of cuddles from her sweet son! :D I think I'm gonna have to visit her more often this year, especially if I get to have so many snuggly cuddles!!! She tells me that she's posted about her favourite thing friday today too - so go check out her blog now!

2 comments: said...

Oh how I wish I was there shopping with you!!! I'm on my way now to your friends blog! Huggs Marion

Sarah said...

That sounds awesome! I wish we had something like that here. Last time I visited a thrift store they wanted $13 for a single pair of jeans alone-- they weren't even that great!!

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