Monday, 26 January 2009

And the peace was shattered...

It's almost back to normal in our crazy household, and hard to remember that we had 2 weeks without kids now! Back to chaotic happiness I guess...

Today was a holiday because it was Auckland Anniversary Day. Usually we spend the weekend hot, tired and with ringing ears but this time we opted for picking the girls up and spending the rest of the weekend at home. Must be getting old! Hehehe!

We got very productive in the garden and hopefully in a month or so we'll be eating fresh vege's straight out of the earth! It's all rather exciting, and great seeing Mr. Sew-Funky doing manly things outside. If you knew/know him, you'll understand what I mean! ;)

in the beginning...

I only hope our vegetables don't die because I am probably the only one in my family without green fingers or thumbs... Where is my sister Erica when I need her??

2 comments: said...

Sometimes all that quiet is good for only for so long. Then we need our kids back!! I indeed got a break this weekend from Barbie and was glad to have her home again. Huggs Marion

Jodz said...

I think the longer you are away from kids the more of a shock it is when they come home. Not that you don't want them back, it's just nice being a person (not someones mummy) once in a while. The garden is looking great.

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