Monday, 2 June 2008

No # 1 Dishcloth | Crazy Daisy

Well, I have had a whole heap of idea's emailed/commented to me about what this cloth should be called, 13 in all! I have decided to go with Crazy Daisy (thanks BunnyStamping), after some discussion with Mr. Sew-Funky...

Here are the choices we were given;
pinwheel (twice)
crazy daisy
catherine wheel
in motion
pink fractal
cutting edge
circular teeth
spider rose

I am now set with names for any new cloths I make! Thanks, everyone who helped me out with suggestions!!!

Now, without further ado, I present the pattern for the CRAZY DAISY...

Materials: 1 ball worsted weight cotton yarn, size 4mm needles. I used Anchor Magicline for this cloth, which gave it a lovely effect - it's a self-striping yarn.

Cast on 18 stitches.
This cloth is made up of 8 wedges, all exactly the same. Then the edge is sewn together, the threads are sewn in and the cloth is complete. :)

Every wedge:
Row 1 and all odd rows: K across to last 3 stitches, p3.
Row 2: K3, YO, K to last st, turn.
Row 4: K3, YO, K to last 2 sts, turn.
Row 6: K3, YO, K to last 3 sts, turn.
Row 8: Bind off 3 sts, K2, YO, K to last 4 sts, turn.
Row 10: K3, YO, K to last 5 sts, turn.
Row 12: K3, YO, K to last 6 sts, turn.
Row 14: Bind off 3 sts, K2, YO, K to last 7 sts, turn.
Row 16: K3, YO, K to last 8 sts, turn.
Row 18: K3, YO, K to last 9 sts, turn.
Row 20: Bind off 3 sts, K2, YO, K to last 10 sts, turn.
Row 22: K3, YO, K to last 11 sts, turn.
Row 24: K3, YO, K to last 12 sts, turn.
Row 26: Bind off 3 sts, K across row.

Knitting Nana made this cloth in variegated yarn... Looks FANTASTIC!

You can find a printable version of this pattern here: Free Dishcloth Patterns from


Aunt Kathy said...

Ha, whenever I ask my Mr Gimpykatk about anything like a name or what does this look like all i get is "whatever or I don't know"

I love your round cloths

knittinggranny54 said...

i like the name and the cloth is so pretty. thanks for sharing
grandma steph

aj said...


Sorry, I don't know how to contact you privately. First, thank you for sharing your patterns with us.
Second, I've been working this pattern, and as written, it seems to only need six wedges to make a circle. I think if you left off rows 22 - 26, you would get eight wedges per circle - will try it later. aj, aka banphriosa at yahoo dot com

Dorothy Noreen Hunter-Talbot said...

I just love your patterns and colors, just wish I could find a place to buy the Anchor Magicline Stripe yarn.

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