Sunday, 15 June 2008

Guest Post: Vintage Wallpaper

The main motivating factor behind re-designing Mrs Sew Funky's blog was finding this website that has samples of vintage wallpaper. It seemed to me that a lot of crafty stuff going on these days was slightly retro - I mean the whole knitting resurgence is in itself retro, right? With this in mind, finding a goldmine of retro wallpaper patterns was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up on. Once I found a design that could be used as a repeating pattern, it came down to colour choice and application. Tweeking the html was the hard part, but I looked at other blogs that had a similar layout an compared the code, then through a little trial and error I was successful. The only issue with the code is that Blogger's 'Add and Arrange Page Elements' page is slightly out of whack, but still totally usable.

If Mrs Sew Funky doesn't get back to posting soon, I might just have to post the code so you can all try tweaking your blogs...


CurlyPops said...

I hope Mrs Sewfunky is on the mend (not that we don't love having Mr Sewfunky filling in)!

Mommabear said...

would love to tweak my blog its a bit borning now ! Marion

Lindsay said...

I hope that Mr Sew Funky posts the code anyways, especially because i love vintage wallpaper! Hope Mrs Sew Funky is feeling alot better!

sewfunky said...

He is hoping to post about it on Wednesday (tomorrow), so keep a look out then! :D

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