Wednesday, 11 June 2008

still sick...

I'm still fighting this darn viral thing. It's almost been a week of croaking and squeaking and I've had about enough. Us mum's have to soldier on, when all I want to do is go to bed for a day or two. :(

So I haven't been up to much, a little bit of knitting, some television and of course the school drop off/pick ups.

As you'll see if you look in the sidebar, Mr Sew-Funky has added an rss feed to his little "hobby". He likes to do film reviewing, and you can see what he and a couple of other's think about the latest flicks by clicking on any of those feeds.

1 comment:

Mommabear said...

Huggs hope you are feeling better soon. Wish i was there would take over for you so you could rest!!! You are in my prayers that you get well soon! God Bless Marion

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