Saturday, 7 June 2008

10,000 and counting...

As my wonderful husband, Mr Sew-Funky pointed out, I am now past the 10,000 visitor mark. Thanks to all of you who've visited my little space on the net!

I am feeling HEAPS better today, made it to the conference, which is AWESOME. I've learned heaps today, especially from the main speaker - Tony Attwood. I could spend hours listening to the guy, the time just FLEW! If you ever get the opportunity and want to learn more about autism and aspergers this is THE MAN!!!!

I'll be back at it tomorrow. :)


Jodz said...

So glad you enjoyed the conference. You will have to fill me in!

zoesquid said...

Congratulations on your visitor count. Glad you made it to the conference. Hope your feeling better.

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