Friday, 13 June 2008

Guest Post: Stencilling

With Mrs Sew Funky being off her feet this week, it's up to me to entertain and inform you all. I'm not knitter but I have found a new love and it's the closet I'll probably come to being crafty! Mrs Sew Funky found out about Reynolds Freezer Paper and arranged for some friend to bring some back from America for her. The thing with Reynolds Freezer paper is that it has a shiny side that, if ironed shiny side down will stick to cloth, making it ideal for single use stencils for T-Shirts and Jeans!

Being the geek that I am, I decided to try out the concept on an old pair of Jeans with a design to promote my movie site, FilmGuide. I didn't have any fabric paint or screen printing ink, so I used a can of black spray paint. It worked rather well, but I probably could have used more spray paint.

Next up I'm going to do a FilmGuide T-Shirt, using the same technique, but using much more paint.


CurlyPops said...

Hello Mr Sewfunky...what a great crafty post. I see them using freezer paper all the time on American craft shows and always wondered about it.

Shellbells said...

very impressive!!! cant wait to see the tee!....however in your creative muse don't forget to look after Mrs Sew funky!!

Jodz said...

Very creative Mr Sewfunky. I do miss Mrs Sewfunky's posts though. I do hope she will be better soon.

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