Saturday, 14 June 2008

Guest Post: Stencilling Tutorial

First up you need a nice black and white design, print it out on paper and grab your Reynolds Freezer paper and you're ready to start cutting!

Sellotape your design to a piece of Reynolds Freezer paper and grab a sharp scalpel.

The main element cut out :o)

Position Stencil on T-Shirt. Note that T-Shirt is stretched over a flat piece of wood.

Carefully iron on the stencil.

The main stencil is ironed on. Now for the tricky part: the FilmGuide lettering!

Everything is in place.

Carefully cover the rest of the T-Shirt so there is no fall out from the spray paint!

Liberally spray on the paint!

Almost finished!

Ooops. It seems that Mr Sew Funky isn't as good at this craft thing as Mrs Sew Funky is! The fallout from spraying has found it's way under the sheet of paper protecting the top of the T-Shirt. We won't know how bad it's going to look until the big reveal in an hour or so!


CurlyPops said...

Great tutorial Mr Sewfunky

meg said...

Hello! If you are in NZ where do you buy that freezer paper? Thanks so much. Have just discovered your blog and am enjoying it :o)

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