Monday, 18 May 2009

loving the cold mornings...

especially when they bring notes like these to me!

I have to say after the weekend we had with Aimee it's nice to think that I'm her Number 1 Mum!  We only had her for half of the weekend, but she sure filled that up with "lovely" behaviour.  For example, pushing over a display of strepsils at the Greenlane Foodtown last night, after muttering all through the store that, she was "angry, stay away from me, I hate you, get out of my space".  The whole store was made aware of her presence, you know the kind where EVERYONE turns and stares! 

Autism is a funny thing to live with because today I'm number 1.


#1 Dad said...

Google ads are wonderful.... 'Autism & Speach' & 'want freedom from anger?'

PaisleyJade said...

Nice little moments in the chaos!

Little Miss Flossy said...

That is so sweet! Hey, we love the Ferrymead $2 warehouse and I pop in most weekends... James sails in the estuary almost right across the road.

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