Monday, 11 May 2009

Absolutely Fabulous...

They are the two word's I can use to describe my mothers day weekend!  First off, I was on a retreat with one of my very best friends where I was spoiled beyond belief.  And then I came home to the extra special treat of SEA SEW! :D

I cannot say anything negative at all about the weekend, it was ALL good.  The food, the company, the activities we did were all absolutely fabulous!

On Saturday morning, we moseyed on down to the Silverdale Markets, and were pleasantly surprised by how many neat new crafty stalls had popped up since we were last there.  I bought a really neat button ring and chatted to some really friendly creative people.  I was truly in my element!  It was neat to get feedback on my two new handbag creations.  One for Jodz a market bag and my cute little messenger bag mentioned in the previous post.  It's so satisfying to have people notice your creations when you are out and about, and I felt really encouraged to research more about doing a couple of local craft markets.  They just seem like SO much fun!

Saturday afternoon was spent getting nails manicured and unruly eyebrows trimmed.  This wasn't without laughter, especially when I regaled the story of my autistic daughter loving mono-brows.  Yes, I had let them get totally out of control and my children were drawing pictures of the mono-browed mother.  Aimee decided that she loved how it looked - like a comic book character, she said.  EEEK!  And so I was so very grateful for the lovely ladies who gave up their Saturday to pamper us mums!!  We did have a little freakout from Aimee when I got home and she saw what they had done, but all is forgiven now.  I think that is because, as she said, they will grow back!  The life and times of family life with autism - hehehe!

Sunday was relaxing with a walk down the beach, and a little art with Ursula, one of the other mum's that was there.  I got to dabble a little with paint and canvas - which proved a lot of fun, especially after a couple of glasses of pinot...  :D  We also watched the absolutely fab movie Sex in the City.  I can't believe I avoided that one, but was kinda glad that I had, as it was a great movie to watch with a good girl friend. 

It didn't rain all weekend, after all - hurrah!

Feeling greatly refreshed to face another term with my challenging family, and so I want to thank those that organise the retreats, RECREATE; and the retreat centre, Vaughn Park Anglican Retreat Centre; and especially the beauticians, Beautified.  Woo hoo, thanks so much guys for making the weekend so absolutely fab and just such a respite from my normal mundane life!  Of course, I shouldn't forget my retreat buddy, Jodz, in the thanks for a great weekend praises! ;)

x D.


Jacqui said...

I love the video they have of Lille from Sea Sew, very funny. And doesn't that beach look like a NZ one?

We've been to the Coatesville markets a couple times now (first Sunday of every month) and it's great. I must admit the thought of setting up a stall has occurred to me too, although selling what would be the big question! When are the Silverdale markets?

The Bowlin's said...

hey you got me hooked as well on sea sew great music eh!!! happy mothers day late, but i did think of you bought you a treat too!!! only a few more days till josh is headed your way he is so excited.

Polka Dot Daze said...

Sounds like you had a good weeeknd. Those markets sounds interesting, I must check them out. What do you think is the best craft market in Auckland?

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