Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Why I've been a little absent this week...

Number 1. My craft room is in need of a sort out; so I've been in the little dungeon cleaning out and throwing away and ogling my stash...

Major reason for doing this is that my lovely other half put his foot down about me buying more stuff when I have nowhere to put it - so000, here I am tidying so I can buy more ;). Just kidding, although I am sure that spotlight and the local op shops must have something cool to buy, I'm just not tempting myself at the moment. I can't wait till the 21st when I go to spend time (and money) with my baby sister Becs in Christchurch!

Number 2. Briahna is sick again - this is like the 15th time this year! It's driving me crazy, I love her to bits but want to get back to normality!

Number 3. My washing machine is on the blink. :( At least it's still within warranty, but we have been given the runaround just trying to find out who is supposed to be fixing it! And I have about 7 loads to do, that are now on my kitchen floor.

One major cool thing about today though... I am going for a girlie night out with my majorly pregnant friend Becca tonight. It will probably be the last time before baby comes, so we are gonna make the most of it!!

We did enjoy a lightbulb free hour on Sunday night for Earth Day! I just love the way the candles look, might have to do it again soon!!


Jelly Wares said...

I bet you found loads of things you never even knew you had in your craft space while you were cleaning it up... LOL!!!
I hope there isn't anything to seriously wrong with your little one... 15 times is a lot to be sick over a span of 3 months.
Hopefully your washing machine is fixed asap... Nothing worse than a house full of dirty washing...
Gorgeous pick of the candles... Maybe you should make it a weekly ritual..

Jodie ;)

daydreamstudios said...

Love your room...:-) I know what you mean about buying more when your room is stuffed as it is. It all looks so pretty in the store though. A candle night sounds fun.

sewfunky said...

It looks even better now... less clutter, more organisation, and I even threw away a little bit of the stash that was, quite frankly, JUNK!

I am by nature a hoarder, but I am working on it.

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