Wednesday, 16 April 2008

new skirt

I have been spending this week preparing for next. I am so excited about going to spend it with my sister and her family. It's going to be a great time, and I am so glad to be going when Briahna is feeling a little better. At least, she is well enough to go to school now! :)

This means one thing, I've been able to get some crafting done! YAY! So today, I spent the day finishing the bib's I began on the weekend and making a new skirt and an apron. I will post a pic of the apron tomorrow - it was just too dark to take a pic of this afternoon, but here is a pic of the new skirt. I made it without a pattern basing it loosely on a skirt I made a month or so ago. This one is longer and made with lighter fabric.

Because it's getting colder, I think I will have to go for a layered look with it (think tights and boots!).

excuse the blurry pic -
I just liked it a whole lot more than the one following,
even though that one shows it off better.
I really agree with other crafters who have proclaimed 2008, the year of the skirt. It certainly has been for me!

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