Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Navy & Burgundy Soap Sack

So, my dad is turning 60 this year and we (me and my 3 sisters) are going to be giving a special surprise gift(s) to him. I needed to find 15 presents for him and boy that was harder than it sounds. I think men are a lot harder than women, when it comes to present choice. Especially when one is short of cash and the recipient lives 14,000 miles away (a guess).

I have just today finished all 15 items and will be sending them off to him tomorrow by airmail, I'm really hoping he'll get it by his birthday on the 4th of May. 60 years is pretty special as far as birthday's go and he's gonna be pretty much alone on the day, with my mum being in Aussie with my sister for the birth of her first baby.

As one of the gifts, I made a really nice knitted soap sack (using this pattern) with two strands of Sullivans 4ply cotton (Navy & Burgundy). It turned out really nice and I am sure to make this pattern again. Funny, how the photo doesn't much look like navy/burgundy, it's darker in real life.

Yesterday, I got to meet one of my blog readers for the first time. Hi Di! It was strange since she knows so much about me vicariously through my blog. It was like we'd known each other a while even though it was our first meeting. In a way we weren't too much of strangers, she works with a friend of ours and we know other people mutually. My husband has met her and her hubby through his volunteer work with FilmGuide too. Di is a budding crafter and I'm excited to see what she will come up with on her brand new blog in the coming months. :)

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onscreen said...

Twas a good night indeed.

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