Thursday, 30 July 2009

the best wedding entrance EVER!

Just found this over on the kind over matter blog!

Brought a huge smile to my face and I hope it does to yours too!

Still getting on with the moving in at the new house, am loving living in Pukekohe. Hope is loving her new school. Briahna has been sick most of this week, but today it looks like the antibiotics are working - so it's off to school for her tomorrow! Aimee's taxi starts on Monday. So next week it's time to work on getting the craft room right. :D


PaisleyJade said...

That is soooo good!

banban said...

That is the BEST!
Made me cry I loved it so much. I'm a bit like that though when someone is creative and different and original.

Jo's Place said...

That is so cool, made me cry too, especially when the bride made her entrance.

Susan said...

I saw this on yahoo and I think it is truly wonderful. I'm not always so sappy, but am actually holding back the tears. The true joy and happiness was just overflowing. Beautiful!

Jobs said...

The most unique and super gay wedding entrance I've ever seen.

:-) Thanks for the video.

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