Monday, 20 July 2009

real good

I am beginning to get excited about the shift, more and more so as I pack up the house! :)

Yesterday, I discovered this bag full of buttons.  Now, I thought I'd discovered all the buttons I'd had around the house and organised them into jars.  I was mistaken.

Today, I rang the schools to organise enrolment (and leaving) of the eldest and youngest (the middle daughter get's to stay at her current school!).  It's such a good feeling to know they'll be going to good schools within walking distance of the new house!  Really good! :D

So it's all coming together, just a few more (say 20 or so) boxes to pack and come Saturday we'll be on our way!  YAY!


thelittlesparrow said...

Yes very exciting - I love new beginnings! Looking forward to seeing your new home soon.
xxx R

GB said...

Wow, what a COOL find!
Glad that you're feeling excited about it all!

Julia said...

love the buttons! I'm glad things are feeling right about the schools!

PaisleyJade said...

Great news... I love finding stuff I'd forgotten about!!

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