Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas on the brain...

and it's driving me crazy! But, at least today, I have a welcome distraction because I'm looking after my good friend's 2 year old! I so miss when my girls were her age. They're so inquisitive, and such chatterboxes!!! :D

I doubt if I'll get any crafting done during the day, but since tonight is craft group night (yay!) I will get something made today! I am looking forward to having a cuppa with the girls! :)

I have seen a couple of movies over the past week or so (nearly all previews). I saw Twilight and boy that was fantastic. If you get the chance, go see it!!! I read the second book in the series (new moon) and absolutely LOVED it! Then I sat through High School Musical 3 - eeeek! It would've been fine if I was 12, but since I'm nearly 36 it was pretty much barf material. And then yesterday our family got to see Madagascar 2 and I fell asleep in the movie! So that's telling you something!!! Still, my 10 year old daughter just LOVED it, and we all went out of the movie theatre singing "I like to move it, move it!"... :)

I guess that's about all that's happening in my world - I do turn 36 tomorrow though - triple eeek! I really don't feel that old, except for when I remember I have a 12 year old daughter!!!

Have fun!



The Bowlin's said...

hey thanks by the way for the help with my two year old. sound like she was a dream for you. she was in a great mood for me when she got home as well. she also slept for three hours after you left!!!!!!!!!!!! i was supposed to give you your birthday present when you dropped off cail. it is sitting here ready for you to enjoy. i will have to bring it round tomorrow maybe!!! have a great day if i don't see you though.

Jodz said...

Happy birthday to you. Have a lovely day.

Josh Bowlin said...


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