Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Handmade Ornament Swap; received ornaments

This is the last wee ornament to arrive... Thanks Nikki!


Nikki said...

Ooo yay, it made it! And you took such fab pics... which I didn't. May I use the image to show people what I actually did? (Promise to credit you fully!)


sewfunky said...

Sure, just give credit to Mr SewFunky! They're his photos!!! I must get him to teach me the art of macro photography - he always takes awesome pictures! :)

Nikki said...


Thanks heaps MrSewFunky :D

Mr Sew Funky said...

You're both very welcome :o)

Sarah said...

Wow! The idea of doing a decoration swap is so cool... how did you get involved with it? Is it all done by mail? (and if so, how can I sign up?)

sewfunky said...

Hey Sarah, the decoration swap was organised by twenty cent mixture (her link is in my sidebar!). It's over for this year, but it was quite successful and so may run next year!
This one was for kiwi's (not sure if you're one or not - can't look at your profile) but there are swaps like this one going on all around the world. :) I liked this one a lot because I ended up receiving 5 awesomely creative decorations, all of them different, but all of them equally beautiful!

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