Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Some things going on for me:

I'm a little annoyed that someone has completely stolen one of my blog posts and dishcloth patterns and has posted it on her blog as if it's her own. :( I don't think that's right! If anyone wants to link back to my blog, that's cool. But COPYING the entire post and labeling the photograph that I took as her own. NOT COOL!

I'm really enjoying listening to Lenka's song "the show". Thanks for recommending it CurlyPops. I remember first hearing it in the movie Juno. Great movie!

I had heaps of fun last night at craft group. We had a "newbie" (Hi Carol-Ann!) attend last night and started work on Lianne's Eye Spy quilt. It's looking great. I was on a little bit of a downer, and so spent the evening knitting and chatting, but not really feeling my normal self. I can't wait to begin my very own Prairie Paisley Quilt. Soon...



CurlyPops said...

I just checked it out....I can't believe she even took your photo and re-labelled it as her own. How rude!
Never fear....karma will fix it.

Cass said...

OMG that is terrible. As Cam said karma will get her

Mommab@sbcglobal.net said...

I think you need to post her blog link on yours and let us at her!!! I would love to leave a nice comment about how I saw the same pattern long ago and the same exact picture on your blog!!! Marion

Shellbells said...

the cheek of some people!!! how the heck did you find out???

sewfunky said...

I found out, because she has my blog's rss feed on her side bar!

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