Wednesday, 5 November 2008

new peg bag | refashioned

So, I've been needing something to hold my pegs for a while. Having a family of 5, means that there is LOTS of washing and therefore lots of pegs! So what to do...

As soon as I spyed this jersey at Mr Bo. Jumbles I knew it was perfect. It was already a little felted, and I just threw it into a hot wash and dried it in the drier once to make just that little bit more felted!

All I needed to do was;

1. Cut off the arms. You don't need them for this project, but you could use them for something else (a softie, perhaps?)

2. Sew up arm holes.

3. Sew up the bottom.

4. Insert a coathanger, and TAH DAH!

1 comment: said...

Wow what a wonderful idea!!! Yes I want the sleves to make softies!!! LOL Oh and where are you getting your pegs? (we call them clothespins here in the states. I want a set like yours!!! Marion

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