Friday, 21 November 2008

Favourite things Friday...

You may remember a post I made about making a favourite things post regularly on a Friday. Well, here is the first regular fav friday post... Feel welcome to join in by posting your favourite things on your own blogs! You can let me know if you want to join in regularly and I'll put your blog in the side bar. Just email me here; :)

This is my wee cat - Clementine (I call her Clem...)

I have always been enarmoured with cat's. They are my favourite kind of pet, mainly because they can be so affectionate, loyal, and you always know when they're happy or annoyed (they either purr or shake their tail and hiss). So it's always easy to see what they're feeling - no enigma there. :)

Clementine came into our lives about 6 months ago. She is a very sweet natured cat and has fitted into our family well. She has become best friends with Eli, our male cat, but is not so friendly with Maisy, our other female cat. Oh well... She get's on well with our golden retriever, Lucky but probably wouldn't mind making a feast of our three chickens - LOL!

We've grown to love her! :)


farra said...

Hi, Your kitty is really cute.
Also, i knit the hex-a-cloth that you posted back in June. Is it okay that I posted a picture of it on and cited your page as the source for the pattern? -Farra

sewfunky said...

Thanks Farra, a few of my cloth patterns have ended up on Ravelry... I just don't have the time to put my projects/stash on my user there. I feel like I need to cut back on time online and so those sorts of things go by the by. :)

flossy-p said...

oooo, she is sooo sweet!

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