Monday, 10 November 2008

the big project | quilt finished...

I am so happy and pleased with my quilt. It's not perfect, but it's so warm and snuggly!!! I just LOVE the colours too!

me in the snuggly quilt...
(I don't really dig the double chin there!)

on the line... (Just realised it needs an iron - oh well!)

in use today (Hopee is sick :( )

I am really stoked with this quilt, like, I can't stop talking about it! :) It's good because I got some bad news today, and I need something good in my life.

Today, I got the results back from a genetic test I had a couple of months ago! The news was not good, apparently I do have a mutated BRCA1 gene, like my mother and lots of my aunt's and great aunt's and my grandmother! My Grandma, and two aunt's have died from cancer after having the mutated gene.

I am trying to process the news, as I was expecting to hear good news (who want's to hear bad ?) I had been trying to remain positive, getting the test so that I could stop having to have regular testing. 6 monthly breast exams, yearly mammograms, yearly smear tests, MRI's, CA125 blood tests, they take their toll, you know... My options range from radical (prophylactic removal of ovaries and/or breasts) to staying on the regular testing route. Apparently, if you have your ovaries removed before 40, you reduce your risk of breast cancer by up to 50%. So that may be one avenue to look at for me. But, this is BIG and SCARY!

I'm not sure if I should've posted it here, but I'm also not sure how I am going to tell people. How do I tell my kid's that I may have passed this gene mutation down to them? They will ask how the test went. What the results are. Some of my friend's and family read my blog, so this may be how they find out. I'm sorry I didn't warn you all first. I haven't told anyone yet, appart from Jonathan, he came with me to the appointment with the genetic counsellor. Thank God for that!

I still think that it's better to know, than not to know. I wish the news had been better. A couple of my cousins have had the test and they don't carry the mutated gene. The chances of getting it are like flipping a coin (heads or tails?). Basically, scientifically, we all carry two of any one gene (it's why they call them pairs!). You get one from your mother and the other one from your father. My mother carry's one mutated BRCA1 gene and one okay one (one from her mother - mutated, and one from her father - not), and that is the same for me. My mother carries the mutated gene, my father does not. But I could've gotten my mothers okay BRCA1 gene and that would leave me without the cancer risk and also would leave my 3 girls without the genetic lottery too! :(

So, I'm glad I have the quilt to snuggle in, I need to do a little snuggling and to be a little kinder to myself at the moment. What a year 2008 has been for me! I don't ever want another one like it!!!

7 comments: said...

The quilt is beautiful like the maker of it!!! YOU! As for you finding out at least you have options not that is good but it can make a difference. I can't afford any test, no insurance, My mom died of oviarian cancer, grandma and mom sister of breast maybe i dont really need the test I most likely have it. 50/50 chance like you said. I pray alot. My youngest is only 8, im 51 and nearing the age mom died. So yes its scarey! God Bless you and my prayers are always with you!! Marion

Shellbells said...

wonderful quilt my dear...I don't think i would have the patience...Sorry to hear about the results..I agree with Marion that prayer is a place I take solace in when the things of this world turn ugly. Will be thinking of the meantime just snuggle into that masterpiece of yours and think of all the good in your life!!!


thelittlesparrow said...

I can't believe you made that quilt and so quickly.
It looks amazing.
Good to talk today.
Things will get better from now.
I really believe that.
Love you as always

CurlyPops said...

The quilt is beautiful...and you definitely need that after finding out the news. I am definitely with you on getting the testing done and finding out even if the news is bad.
I hope you have time to think / discuss / cry / process...and then decide what is best for you.
Thinking of you and your family.
Cam xx

Jodz said...

I have been reading 'Taming the Tiger' by Tony Anthony and he spoke about how the most pivitol events in the bible take place during a wilderness experience. I want to encourage you as 'wilderness' translates as 'the place where God speaks'. May he be very near to you at this time.

sewfunky said...

Hey Jodz,

I've read that book too (maybe 2-3 years ago, thinking I might need to read it again?!) :)

Lisa said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

It can be quite devastating getting the news, but at least you have the option to know and do something about it if you want to.

As you know I've opted for breast surgery first as that's where our family history lies, but will be having both surgeries and shall keep my blog updated as and when possible with all info.

Sending you "happy thoughts and warm wishes" x


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