Monday, 19 May 2008

Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap; package received

Some of you may have noticed this little picture on my blog over the past couple of months and wondered about it. Well, I LOVE swaps. I love getting packages ready for others and of course receiving something special in the post, though I'm sure my postie doesn't appreciate that as much as me...

Well, this one was all about SPRING, which if you know where I live (New Zealand), you'd know we're heading not for spring but for winter. It was extra fun thinking of spring when it was getting colder outside!

Actually, it turned out both my swapee and swaper partners are Canadian, and I received my parcel TODAY! YAY!

Wanna see what I got? Thanks so much for your generosity Andrea!

I am so excited about the yarn, she put in 4 balls of sugar 'n cream cotton and some really nice merino sock yarn she must've been reading my blog ;). A bag of super nice flavoured coffee beans, a little yarn holder bag thingee, some spring tissues and a cute little lamb magnet which has already been commandeered by my 8 year old!

I'm not sure if my swap partner has received my parcel yet so I won't post about it until I know she received it!

I'm off to try out the new coffee!


Andrea said...

Yay! Happy it arrived. That was pretty quick!

You may have noticed that I didn't include a hand made item. I struggled for a long time trying to come up with something. I compensated by including a whole lot of yarn.

PS - The coffe is Caramelo flavoured. (very yummy!) Hope you like it.

Mommabear said...

wow! Isent it amazing how that little box in the mail can make your day! I love packages comming and then to have them be a surprise that is the iceing on the cake! Enjoy it. God Bless you and lots of huggs Marion

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