Monday, 26 May 2008

first attempt | lounge pants

I've been wanting to make myself some lounge pant's ever since the phenomenon of making them out of old sheets etc. hit the blogging world.

These are my first attempt, and I need to say one thing before I go any further - if you are going to use an old pair of pants to base your pattern on, make sure they fit first! Mine are just a wee bit tight, they're comfy, but just on the "almost can't get into them" scale. Yes, I did make seam allowances - so that wasn't it! I will still wear them, cos' I love the fabric. In fact, you can win some of the gorgeous vintage fabric in my giveaway contest!

I love, love, love them! And now I just HAVE to go op-shopping tomorrow to see if I can't get another cute sheet to attempt a second pair!


Little Miss Flossy said...

That's a sheet? What cool fabric! Love the pants, they'll be fun to wear.

onscreen said...

You're not allowed to go op-shopping! Gggrrrrr

Cass said...

That fabric is fantastic

Mommabear said...

wow I love them sewing is my first love! You inspire! huggs marion

Two Peas In a Pod said...

Very cute fabric. Great job on the pants. they do look very comfy!
Cheers Kyla

vjelster said...

If you want to make them bigger, you could rip out the side seams and put in a strip of fabric inch or two wide on each side...probably an inch on each side would do it. Then you'd have a stripe, plus a roomier fit! A bit of work, though.

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