Monday, 10 August 2009


I guess my Mum and I had more in common than I first thought... She was a hoarder, just like me. And that has been fortuitous for me as we have been wading through all the crafty things she'd kept in storage. I have been adding big time to my collection of craft supplies.

Whilst it's fun to add to what I have, it's also been a very difficult time. It's the little things really, the things she'd kept, the things she didn't. I still haven't come across my wedding dress, I hope it turns up, but...

So, I've lots of things to go through, and photograph to show you all. Keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of weeks for updates of the exciting things I've found.

Here's just a few books I've added to my collection;

click on image to see better...

Some molynyke thread and bits;

And some more BUTTONS! hurrah!

There's lots of yummy fabric, currently in the wash, smocking books, knitting patterns - it's like being in craft heaven!



clare's craftroom said...

What great stuff ! Hope you find your dress .

PaisleyJade said...

Nice things to find while doing a hard task ;)

Jodz said...

You are finding lots of treasures to treasure. Take care.

Elizabeth said...

hurray for moms who save lots of stuff! mine has been sending crafty things my way lately, too.

good to hear that you are getting settled into your new house.

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