Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hard Day

Today was a hard day for Mrs Sew Funky - but she's been able to move around a bit, so it's called progress, even if it comes with pain.

Tomorrow will be a tough day as Mr Sew Funky has to go back to work and will only get to the hospital by 5pm.


GemmaJoy said...

Mrs Sew Funky, I hope you have some trashy magazines, movies and a good book to help you get through the day. Thinking of you and I hope u have a quick recovery

willywagtail said...

Wishing Mrs Sew-Funky all the best. Hope they serve decent food there not just jelly that bounces if you drop it. It's nice of the mister to keep us up to dat too. Cherrie

JAN said...

All the best from Nana's Bottom Drawer. I have been thinking of you.
I wont be at craft fair either for December. My op has come up - I go into Ak Hosp on Wed. So both of us will be creeping gingerly around.
Talk later, lol Jan

highwaycottage said...

Oh, I so remember that feeling. Remind Mrs Sew Funky to take all the pain kilers on offer, no point being brave, she'll feel much better havng had them.

Thanks for keeping us up to date Mr Sew Funky.

Baba said...

Praying for speedy recovery. Take care.

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